IRobot Roomba e5 VS e6: Things you need to know

IRobot Roomba e5 VS e6

We all need cleanliness in our home and offices; manual dusting and cleanliness take too much time. We also cannot clean each corner of the room, furniture, stairs, and other areas.

So, it is a better idea to use Vacuum cleaners, but among the cleaners, iRobot cleaners are perfect items to use at home to keep each corner of your house neat and clean.

While looking for the iRobot vacuum cleaner, there is no better choice than the iRobot vacuum cleaners by Roomba. Its model iRobot Roomba e5 and e6 are the best choices for you, click here to know more.

Both are equipped with modern features, but which one you choose will be better to decide after reading the below information.

What are the Features of e5?

  • It is compatible with clean furniture, plain floor, and stairs and windows areas in the room.
  • It is equipped with a three-stage cleaning power system, sucks up all the dust, debris with its powerful 2 multi-surface rubber extractors.
  • Power 5 suction equipped vacuum cleaner.
  • Provides you excellent services with a robot that remembers all the cleaning places; you have the option to set an automatic cleaning schedule for cleaning.
  • It provides you with work with your voice; you will find it compatible with Google assistant.
  • A powerful lithium battery has 90 minutes lifetime.

What are the Features of e6?

  • It is a high-quality accessory equipped model.
  • Manufactured with high strength and friendly to use features.
  • Quickly detect and remove debris, dust, and trash from the edges and corners of your room.
  • Battery life is more than 90 minutes and charges in only 30 minutes.
  • It is durable and easy to assemble its parts; even you can do its service yourself.
  • It offers you a three-stage powerful cleaning system that is awesome and performs fast cleaning of your room.

What are the differences?

While we make a comparison of both models, we did not found many differences except these below.

  • There are two virtual wall devices in iRobot Romba e5, while there are not virtual wall devices in e6.
  • We also found colour variations in both of these vacuums.
  • E6 comes with extra filters than iRobot Romba e5.
  • The price of the iRobot Romba e6 is higher than the iRobot Romba e5.

What are similar?

IRobot Roomba e5 VS e6

Below given features are the same in both vacuum cleaners.

  • Battery lifetime 90 minutes.
  • The capacity of a battery is the same in these vacuum cleaners.
  • The manufacturing design of these vacuum cleaners is the same.
  • Size and weight are also found similar.
  • Consume an equal amount of energy.
  • Both have WI-FI connectivity options to connect with WI-FI and the internet for Google assistant for voice instructions.

Final Thoughts:

Cleanliness is essential for us, and we do regular cleanliness, but if you have a big house, it also becomes a problem to maintain cleanliness.

But iRobot Romba Vacuum cleaners are a right solution for this problem. Its two best models are e5 and e6.

You can take any of them because there are not too many differences except color and price. The only difference is virtual wall devices that are only available in e6.